Our lawyers often resolve family law disputes without the expense and risk of a trial, thanks to years of experience negotiating, mediating and arbitrating contentious family law matters. If litigation turns out to be the most effective strategy, we have the experience and the access to expert witnesses to represent clients in all areas of family law litigation, from emotionally charged child custody disputes to complex property division cases. Divorce proceedings often involve complex custody issues, and we can offer clients the services of an attorney who has been appointed by the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court as Guardian ad litem, Discovery Master and Arbitrator.

With years of practical knowledge in complex family law issues, we effectively collaborate with expert witnesses in fields ranging from tax and accounting to child psychology, to make sure that each issue is properly analyzed and litigated. In the past several years, a member of our firm won three of the most important cases in his area before the Massachusetts Appeals Court and Supreme Judicial Court. Cited in several Probate and Family Court decisions, the case of Rempelakis vs. Russell, 65 Mass. App. Ct. 557 (2006) set an important precedent in undue influence cases.