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Estate Planning for the College-Bound

Your son or daughter has (finally!) chosen his or her college, the course catalog is being perused, and textbooks, dorm furnishings and supplies are being purchased. All set?! Not quite. Any child who is over 18 may think they are invincible, but a durable power of attorney and health care directive should be part of any well-rounded pre-college supply list. These two documents can be invaluable in ensuring a well-chosen agent can make financial or health care decisions for your child if he or she is unable to do so.

A durable power of attorney will be used to facilitate the transaction of financial matters, such as assisting in simple banking matters, executing or renewing a lease, or navigating more complex financial matters for your child, should the need arise. Even more important is the health care proxy and accompanying privacy waiver so a parent or named agent can help with any health care issues that might arise while the child is away at school.

If your child is 18 years of age or older, we are happy to assist them in getting these two simple documents in place to ensure that their affairs can be managed, no matter how far away their travels and college adventures may take them.

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