Rackemann, Sawyer & Brewster has an extensive experience representing clients in divorce and modification proceedings, contempt hearings, paternity actions, guardianships, negotiating and drafting pre-nuptial agreements and in other family law matters. Our clients often include professionals in the medical, pharmaceutical, legal, banking, finance, computer and accounting industries.

We litigate matters in all probate and family courts in Massachusetts and are experienced in representing clients in alternative dispute resolution settings, including mediation and conciliation. Clients also frequently turn to us for family law claims involving same-sex divorce, as well as other non-traditional relationship issues.

Family Court Disputes

Divorce proceedings often involve complex custody issues. We have vast experience in representing clients in cases where the court has appealed a Guardian ad litem, Discovery Master or Arbitrator. With years of practical knowledge in complex family law issues, we effectively collaborate with expert witnesses in fields ranging from tax and accounting to child psychology to make sure that each issue is properly analyzed and litigated.

Dispute Resolution

Our family law clients benefit from our lawyers’ years of experience in resolving the most contentious disputes, combined with up-to-date knowledge of the latest trends and changes in this dynamic area of law. As members of a full-service firm, we recognize and understand how other areas of the law ­ such as tax law, real estate and estate planning ­ may impact the outcome of a family law case. Because we know that each client’s family law matter is unique, we focus on developing the right strategy to create a successful resolution tailored to every individual’s needs.

Our attorneys are experienced in the negotiation and mediation of family law matters, so we are often able to resolve a family law dispute without the expense of a trial. If litigation proves to be the most effective strategy, we have the experience to represent clients in all areas of family law litigation, from emotionally charged child custody disputes to complex property division cases.