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Rackemann is Committed to the Fight Against Racial Injustice and Discrimination

Rackemann stands with others across Massachusetts and throughout the nation in denouncing the police actions that led to the tragic death of George Floyd. Racism has no place in our justice system or in our communities. All of us must come together to use our collective strength and collective voice not only to denounce racism and racial inequality but also to take on the difficult task and responsibility for eliminating racism and racial inequality. Only then can we can learn from one another, affect systemic change and begin to heal as a nation.

We support, applaud and stand beside those who are embracing freedom of speech and peaceful demonstrations as a way to be heard and to effect needed change.

We condemn those very few who take advantage of the enormous pain and grief of the current moment to commit crimes against property or others. But we must not – and will not – allow the actions of these very few to distract us from the centuries’ old issues of racism and racial inequality that afflict our nation or to provide “cover” for those who continue to resist change.

Now, more than ever, this is a time to unite and cooperate with one another to create a single, powerful voice for a critical national cause – the elimination of racism and racial inequality. Only then will we be able to take tangible steps towards eradicating racism and racial inequality in our country.

#BlackLivesMatter  #BLM  #UntilWeAllWin

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